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At Spiritual Life Coaching, we offer sessions that are centered around your spiritual life and the changes it could make in your daily life choices. We do not offer commercialized New Age or Self-help gimmicks, but true Life Coaching and Transformation from a spiritual perspective.

Thomas and Renae Arnold are the Coaches at Spiritual Life Coaching, LLC. They offer practical advice on not just life coaching from a practical viewpoint, but coaching from a spiritual perspective to enhance your total life of mind, body and spirit.


Coach Tom

Professional Life Coach

Coach Tom is a Certified Professional Life Coach and has a degree in Religious Counseling from Liberty University. He has also studied various spiritual beliefs and religions for over 25 years and considers himself not so much as a teacher but as a spiritual companion.

His goal is to help guide the person to an improved life by opening the individual’s spiritual life. He believes that the spiritual life is the center of all other life choices and outcomes. Having a more spiritual life will also have positive results in your mental and physical life as well and to help transform the individual's spirit, mind and body.
Coach Tom’s techniques include Mindfulness, Meditation, Therapeutic Art, Life Experience Exercises, Goal Setting and other practices that hold significance to co-companions on the journey to transformation.

No matter the spiritual practice of the individual, a higher dimension awaits.

Coach Renae

Certified Life Coach

Coach Renae is an Honor graduate from Liberty University with a degree in Religious Counseling and has completed various studies in coaching and personal development.

Renae has a very firm faith not only in God but in the ability for people to change their lives through finding faith in God and also in themselves.

Renae's techniques include helping people improve their Emotional Intelligence, Goal Setting and Succeeding, Exposure Therapy, and enjoys working with people individually and also in groups. She approaches life's circumstances, and ways to improve them, from a practical viewpoint while never losing focus on keeping faith incorporated in the process.

Renae is very excited and ready to start the process that will begin the healing and improvement process. Call or e-mail today and she will be glad to answer any questions and get you moving in a positive direction.